Artist Statement/Bio

Artist Statement

I am simple. I take photographs of places and things that give me a sense of longing and evoke the feeling of “remembering” in others. My eye works in a deliberate, yet playful way, and in the solitude of work I find excitement, relaxation and satisfaction which, through my portrayals, I beg my audience to share in.


Jordan Nahmias was born in Toronto in 1982. While formally trained as a lawyer, Jordan’s education in photography and the arts is largely “self-taught” and has been evolving since far before his foray into the legal profession. Traditionally focusing on travel and "found object" work, Jordan's photographs span a wide range of interests. His most recent series, "Toys", moves toward nostalgia - the capturing of images of our youth and past. His work has been exhibited in a number of group shows over the past 8 years and in his first solo show in November of 2015. 

His work is currently represented by Art Interiors and Dimensions Gallery (both in Toronto, where Jordan works and resides).

The current "Toys" series is a memorialization of toys from Jordan’s collection which he, and many of his generation, looks at with a sense of familiarity and, in many cases, profound intimacy.